We Are

A Section 8 not-for-profit organisation working towards sustainable social development through community action against plastic waste.

Our four circles in our logo, inspired by Ikigai, signify our approach –

1. Do what we are good at.

2. Do what we are passionate about.

3. Do what the world needs.

4. Make it sustainable.

Putting everything and everyone together, Anwesha Universe is an ecosystem of people. Everyone plays a role in the upcycling journey. From collecting, donating, building, upcycling, transforming, communicating and advocating, the universe provides everything to empower people to become upcycling activists (and going forward upcycling entrepreneurs) fixing the plastic mess on a daily basis.

"We involve people, companies and authorities, to create hyper-local circular systems around waste"

Chief Operator

Nihar Agarwal

Forefront of instigating social change and delivering on-ground impact through innovation

Chief Mentor

Manish Kothari

Bridging the gap between industry and community

Chief Advisor

Ankit Bhandari

Enabling social startups to be organized and sustainable

Create a sustainable economy around waste

Write to us at nihar@acefound.org to join the movement