Team Mahatma Gandhi House


My name is Krushang Dalwadi 2nd year student pursuing BE from Computer Engineering Department from A. D Patel Institute of Technology.


Myself Nida Malek Computer Engineering 1st year from A.D Patel Institute of technology

Want to do something special for family in my life


Hello my name is Aditya Sikrvar from 1st year Computer Engineering department.


My name is Jay Desai from Computer Engineering department 1st year from A.D Patel Institute of technology ohh and I like to learn new things as well.


Hello Everyone!!

Myself Titiksha Sharma from 1st year CP department.

Team Sardar Patel House

TEAM LEADER Mahabhadra Shah

Chairperson, IEEE ADIT | Founder, WeHelpHelpers | Project Head, JITO Youth Bvn | Zealous, inquisitive and gracious!

Krishna Thakkar

IEEE PES Day 2022 Gujarat Section Lead, full of enthusiasm and a grip for acquiring new knowledge

Vruchi Patel

Really into reading good books (Bibliophile/Bookworm) & + making myself worthy of every bliss

Sneha Thakkar

Dance enthusiast, count me in if it involves dancing

Deep Patel

Born to be a leader

About Plastic Hackathon

The goal of Plastic Hackathon is to recognise and reward teams of active students working actively on the ground to solve our plastic waste challenges by raising awareness among others and devising a plastic waste collection mechanism to prevent littering and burning of the same.

Theme: Waste Plastic

  • Change consumer behaviors and raise awareness around plastic segregation and recycling practices.

  • Innovative solutions for waste plastic collection at neighbourhood or campus level to prevent waste plastic dumping or burning.

Pitch your solution to our Climate Sharks!

The recommendation letter will be a very important value addition to not just your cv but also hold important for admission overseas.

Who Can Participate?

  • Open to all students, 1 team per house at ADIT.

  • Team of 5 people is a must to participate.

  • Application before deadline is mandatory.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact achieved through 25-day campaign

  • Target of 500 kgs collection

  • Robustness and execution of the designed campaign