Our Mission

Activating action based community across India to tackle waste problems and creating sustainable ecosystem philosophy of Take-Make-Collect-Upcycle

Waste Hub - An Anwesha Foundation Initiative

Waste Hub is a step towards enabling a circular system around waste in order to make positive impact on climate change. 

Each waste hub is designed and setup to adopt to the waste generated in the specific locality. An organized system of Take - Make - Collect - Upcycle is created which is self - sustainable and works towards reducing carbon footprint. 

Waste Hub further enables community to transition to upcycled / recycled products thus reducing usage of natural materials and making a long lasting impact.

Each waste hub is driven by following four actions:

Community Lead Impact

4 Waste Hubs

30,000 Carbon Footprint Offset  (Kgs)

500+ Volunteers

1000 + Upcycled products donated

20,000 Kgs Waste Dumping Prevented

6,000 Community Members engaged

Our Community

Supporters & Mentors